Three generations  of the Krautheim family have been creating artisan chocolates in Seattle since 1985.  Oh! Chocolate has become a Seattle family tradition as generations of customers return for their chocolate for every day and commemorative celebrations.  Oh! is  proud of their history of producing hand-crafted chocolates in flavors and tastes that support both tradition as well as cutting edge culinary flavors. 

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We love Spring! Make chocolate a fun part of your Spring activities! Our boxes in Spring are wrapped in Green Ribbon!

Oh! Chocolate Spring collection

Green is the Color of March

Our Spring Collection includes our Stout Truffle, Irish Fling and Nutty Irishman.

Oh! chocolate March Variety

Our March Favorites: Nutty Irishman, Irish Fling, Stout

Combine some Irish fun with March Madness and you get a collection of truffles that exude festivity and guarantee you will be back for more!!

March Chocolate Madness

Green is the Color of March Chocolate Madness

Oh! Chocolate Stout Truffles

March Madness Stout Truffles

Oh! chocolate March Variety

Our March Favorites: Nutty Irishman, Irish Fling, Stout

Treat your friends, business colleagues and family to a Special Box of March Madness!

Oh! Chocolate Gourmet Pink Champagne Truffles

Pink Champagne Truffles

Oh! Chocolate Gourmet Champagne Truffles

Champagne Truffles with Strawberries!

Oh chocolate gourmet Kir Royale Truffles

Kir Royale Truffles

oh chocolate pink champagne truffles

Chocolate and Champagne for Two!

Oh chocolate Valentine Truffle Collection

Love Seasonal Truffles

Gourmet Chocolate is called the ‘food of the gods‘ for many reasons – here are just five:

  1. Chocolate can be good for your health!
  2. Chocolate can reduce your stress levels and help you to relax!
  3. Chocolate is fun to eat!
  4. Chocolate can increase your energy levels!
  5. Chocolate can increase your happiness hormones!

If you haven’t yet decided to share chocolate with those you love today – what are you waiting for???

While you have missed our online delivery for today – every day is a day to eat chocolate!  Our February Seasonals are available until the 29th February – our last standard shipping day for our Romantic Collection is 23th February!  Enjoy!!

You can still visit our stores on Mercer Island, Bellevue Square and Madison Park!

If you have ordered our gourmet chocolates, let us know how you enjoyed them!

Champagne Truffle

Enjoy a Romantic Evening with your Loved One!

This year we get 29 days in February to share romance with that special someone! At Oh! Chocolate we love preparing romantic truffles for you to enjoy!

Kir Royale truffle for romance

Our Kir Royale Truffle is a favorite!

We have launched our favorite romantic flavors for you to share with your loved ones! Light the fire, open your favorite bottle of champagne and share the most irresistible, romantic truffles!

Pink Champagne Truffle

Our Pink Champagne Truffle

Be sure to let us know what February Romance means for you!  Our Romantic Collections are available in our Stores at Madison Park, Bellevue or Mercer Island.  You can also have your chocolates delivered right to your door or to your Loved One!

We are extra excited about our newly designed web-site put together with the intention of creating a fun and happy community!

We hope that you will find it easy to navigate and be able to share our great products with your friends and family across the US.

We can’t wait to share our news, events and recipes with everyone and hope you enjoy reading our regular chocolate features and happenings. Social media is so ideal for us as a family business of three generations; we are all about relationships. We look forward to meeting you in person when you visit the Seattle area! Nothing will replace old-fashioned face-to-face conversation in a chocolate shop but we hope that we can leave you with an imprint of our love of chocolate and people when you visit us online.

We are real people and Clare Kelway is our chocovangelist who writes for us online. She can be found across all social media sites and she welcomes you to stop and chat with her about our company and our products. She loves chocolate, social media and people! What a perfect combination!

We encourage you to sign up for our Loyalty Club where we will be offering you special discounts, and access to new products and tastings along with helping you to celebrate your special events.

Best wishes,
Margo, Nola and The Oh! Chocolate Team!